Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Accidental Business!

Sociologists put 100 people in a room for fifteen minutes. They secretly instructed two of those people to say only negative things, and the other 98 to say only positive things. Guess how long it took the two negative people to find each other and talk? Fifteen minutes! Like attracts like.

Some entrepreneurs love to blame their bad financial circumstances on others. But when things are good, they’re quick to take credit for it. That doesn’t make sense. Two entrepreneurs in exactly the same city, same market, selling the same products for the same price: one makes a fortune while the other one goes bankrupt. And the loser tells you it’s the fault of the government, the weather, the market, the competition. And when you ask him how he explains his competitor’s success, what does he say? He accuses him of dishonesty, greed and underhandedness. The tall trees catch the wind.

Everything we have is what we have created. Nothing comes TO you – everything comes THROUGH you. YOU create your success and your failure. Naming, blaming, complaining and shaming, is loser behavior. It’s not WHERE you are, my friend; it’s WHO you are. We attract what we are. Our minds are magnets. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” It’s all about taking responsibility. We get back what we send out. “Whatever the mind of man can believe and conceive, it can achieve”, Napoleon Hill told us. At a seminar I presented last week in Ottawa, I told the audience, “The only people in this audience who will get restless, indignant and uncomfortable when I use the word, ‘Loser’, are the losers!”

Business success or failure is no accident – it’s simply a RESULT – a CONSEQUENCE. We reap what we sow. People who are always telling me they’re afraid of getting ripped off or unconsciously attracting shysters. They get what they expect. They create their circumstances just as surely as if they were baking a cake. Earl Shoaf said, “Let’s not be reflectors of ideas like a moon – let’s be creators of ideas like the sun!” Let’s take control of our thoughts and our attitudes. Let’s focus on solutions instead of problems. Let’s set high goals and mix with winners. Don’t think of lack and shortage; think of abundance and prosperity. “I am an unstoppable Money Magnet.”

Farmers who reap great crops sowed good seeds and carefully nurtured them. The same goes for entrepreneurs. When people say of you, “Everything he touches turns to gold”, it’s because you are causing good results. It’s no by chance that you succeed; it’s by choice! Let’s take charge, take responsibility and take the prize!