Thursday, May 15, 2008


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SYSTEM: Save Yourself Time, Energy, and Money!

Imagine the amount of mistakes I have made in the last 21 years in my business. Scary! I discovered a lot of things that don’t work, and I survived. I got through the minefield, in spite of being blown up a few times. You have a choice: repeat my mistakes, or learn from them. Be smart and get onto the fast track.

Would you try to teach yourself to fly an airplane? Of course not! You would crash and burn! You’re wise, so you would take lessons from a certified professional. You would do exactly what you were told and you’d become a good pilot.

DollarMakers offers you a complete and unique success system that allows people to make money with no cost or risk, regardless of their background, age, circumstances, education, and whether they have a business or not. After 21 years, we provide a Blueprint for Joint Venture Success. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; simply follow the recipe. Get the map. Invest in the compass. Buy the GPS, and you won’t spend 40 years wandering in the business wilderness. That’s what smart people do.

Robin J. Elliott

People Want Stuff For Nothing

You might think it strange that wealthy people will take an irreplaceable evening out of their lives and drive for an hour through snow, to attend a sales pitch event for a complimentary meal. You may be amazed to see successful business owners lining up in an airport to sign up for a credit card they don’t need to get a cheap, Dollar Store clock. You shouldn’t be surprised, because it’s human nature.

We don’t want to be sold things, but we like getting gifts, and we love buying things. We don’t want to be pitched, but we love being entertained. Why do you stop and watch the pitch man demonstrating a set of kitchen knives or a juicer at the local fair? Because it’s entertaining and interesting! THEN, he shows you the amazing value and additional complimentary GIFTS you’ll get if you buy something right away, and we all reach for our wallets! It’s fun, isn’t it? It’s what works, that’s why smart people do it.

We don’t get excited about getting discounts, because they’re not fun, and we don’t believe them - we think they just hiked the price up top afford the discount - we think we’re being conned. And we don’t get too excited about getting money, because we have to pay the bills and the rent like responsible adults, but we love choosing toys that we get given, don’t we? We want to play, and we don’t want to work. We want to feel like we got a good deal. Like we got something for nothing. Then we can justify the fact that we just bought an overpriced thing that we didn’t need with money we didn’t have, to get a cheap gift we will probably never use.

Smart marketers use gifts and complimentary value, like education and entertainment to get people to a point where they will buy “by choice”. Dangle the big carrot in front of their noses after you’ve had them following the trail of chocolates all the way into your store. People will spend twice as much on an item or service to get a gift worth a few dollars. Why? Because sometimes they feel they couldn’t justify buying the gift for themselves, because of financial pressure, guilt, having to explain to a spouse, or some other psychological reason. This way, they can’t help getting it, so they justify the inordinate waste of time, money, and energy they expend.

Gift Certificates, evaluations, reports, CD’s, DVD’s, samples, candy, coffee, donuts, T shirts, ball caps, memberships, meals, toys, gimmicks, tours, ANYTHING they don’t have to pay for, is tremendous BAIT. And if you’re a smart Joint Venture Broker, you don’t have to pay a cent for the items and services you so generously give away. In fact, you can BE PAID for giving other peoples’ stuff away!

Think about using this approach: stop selling, and start enticing.

Robin J. Elliott

“Idiot Compassion” = Business Failure

One of the first things to check under the hood when your business engine falters and sputters and you see your cash flow leaking onto the pavement, is your philosophy. Your philosophy determines all your choices and the consequences those choices will bring to your bottom line.

When we, as business owners, feel sorry for people and allow them to continue to abuse themselves and others, we demonstrate the use of “Idiot Compassion”. Trunga Rinpoche coined this term to describe the false, inverted compassion that enablers succumb to. Usually, they are really assuaging their own guilt - a selfish motive disguised as compassion - the opposite of “Tough Love”. So we continue to employ and tolerate losers and parasites, we overlook the bad choices of people, remove the consequences to crime and dishonestly, and thereby undermine those who are producing and constructing value. We become “politically correct” to avoid confrontation and disguise our own gutlessness. This is the worst form of altruism.

We need to check our philosophy - are we altruists and collectivists, or are we capitalists?

According to, “the theory of collectivism (in all its variants) holds that man is not an end to himself, but is only a tool to serve the ends of others. Collectivism, unlike individualism, holds the group as the primary, and the standard of moral value. Whether that group is a dictator’s gang, the nation, society, the race, (the) god(s), the majority, the community, the tribe, etc., is irrelevant — the point is that man in principle is a sacrificial victim, whose only value is his ability to sacrifice his happiness for the will of the ‘group’”. This is the opposite of capitalism; it is a cancer that will kill your business. Entrepreneurs are not sacrificial victims.

We should pay people in direct proportion to their contribution of measurable value to the business. “Carrying” unproductive people is unjust, counter-productive, and downright dangerous in the business world and in life. Socialism has been proven not to work, and it’s beloved cancer cousins, multiculturalism, mysticism, and environmentalism, are equally pernicious. We are entrepreneurs, not social workers. We are in business to make a profit, not to support a prophet.

Those most violently opposed to capitalism and individualism often hide in organizations that pretend to be capitalist. They use terms like “caring and sharing”, “contribution”, and “giving back” to cloak their sacrificial contributions (entrepreneurs are the ones being sacrificed). They call their groups “Service Clubs” and talk about charity, when they really mean altruism. Their raison d’etre is the destruction of free enterprise and capitalism.

I suggest to every entrepreneur that he or she reads Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” in order to realign his philosophy and adjust his direction to wealth and the pursuit of happiness.

Robin J. Elliott

All Your Eggs in One Basket?

Most people are blissfully oblivious to their level of risk. The most obvious and dangerous of all is having “all your eggs in one basket”. Is the bulk of your income dependent on one person, industry, product, service, geographical area, or niche market? Is your financial well-being controlled by, or subject to, the climate, politics, the Internet, a sales manager, a committee, or a key employee or partner? No wonder you suffer from stress, emotional highs and lows, and insomnia. Being controlled and being at such blatant risk is no fun. Living on the edge of a crumbling precipice doesn’t exactly inspire one to giggle much, unless it’s a nervous giggle…

Here’s the scariest part: The heavier that basket gets (the more money you make), the more likely you are to drop that basket, and the more incentive certain people have to take it away from you. People aren’t likely to cut you out of a deal or replace you with a lower earner when you’re earning peanuts. In addition, the more money we make, the more secure we tend to feel, and the higher our cost of living seems to go, as we start spending more and getting into more debt. Pride comes before the fall, and living in denial or suppressing the awareness of your hazardous gamble won’t prevent the inevitable. Fires, earthquakes, death, change, new competition, illness, bankruptcies, litigation, and a myriad of other things can happen at any time.

I set up a Joint Venture with a young weasel that earned me an easy $9,000 a month. It didn’t last long as the little tyke revealed his arrogance and ineptitude, and it died a sad death a few months later. I was not in the least perturbed, however, since I had 19 other income sources pumping away. It was replaced even before it disappeared. Had I become all gleeful about that income source and naively expected it to last indefinitely, however, I might have been severely disappointed, especially if it constituted my entire income. A friend of mine in Australia was suddenly laid off from his high-paying job at the age of 52. Downsizing, outsourcing, dishonest JV partners like the wanna-be above, and changes in the weather or economy (gas prices, for example) can unexpectedly rip that basket from your hands and smash your eggs all over the sidewalk. Some people never recover.

Diversification, spreading your risk, lowering your overhead, and leveraging your resources and the resources of others is what smart Joint Venture Brokers do. Don’t bank on income until it’s in the bank. Don’t believe the promises you hear: talk is cheap. If you have a slave master, think about this while you’re grovelling and simpering in the corner of your nicely furnished prison cell. Your bootlicking won’t make you any more secure. Lackeys don’t last, and toadies get tossed. The Chinese say, “Dig the well before you thirst”; prepare for the inevitable, and diligently create additional, congruent income sources that will eventually exceed the income you get from your primary source. Use JV’s to have your primary income source feed your new dollarmakers.

Using Joint Ventures, you can learn transferable skill sets and participate in leveraged systems that will provide growing, residual income that continues while you lie on the beach or watch a movie. You can stop selling your time and blood and live the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Robin J. Elliott

Joint Ventures - Ultimate Strategy, Maximum Leverage

“Vertical Thinking” is analytical, focused, left-brain, binary (black or white) and narrow. This is the way most of us in the west have learned to view life and business. Horizontal thinking, on the other hand, is creative, right-brain, lateral, open, inclusive, synergistic, and strategic. Joint Ventures utilize and optimize both these approaches perfectly.

Edward DeBono, author of 62 books on creative thought, said “Some people are unhappy about lateral [horizontal] thinking because they feel it threatens the validity of vertical thinking. This is not so at all. The two processes are complementary, not antagonistic. Lateral thinking enhances the effectiveness of vertical thinking by offering it more to select from. Vertical thinking multiplies the effectiveness of lateral thinking by making good use of the ideas generated.”

The Wedding Planner, for example, is good at providing all the services and products related to weddings and the immediate events, even going as far as the honeymoon arrangements, and she gets paid a commission on all referred business within that limited time realm. A good Joint Venture Broker, on the other hand, will see well beyond that to a strong mailing list that builds an ongoing, long-term relationship and proceeds to mutually benefit both parties over the years; that married couple will breed, buy houses, furniture, cell phones, and holidays, and fifty percent of them will get divorced. All those services can garner serious income for the broker and the service providers, while at the same time providing massive, additional value for the couple. The broker thinks out of the box.

The traditional business owner is focused on his own products and services, to the exclusion of multiple additional sales and service opportunities. This myopic approach explains why, in my opinion, the average small and medium-size businesses out there only operate at about 10% of the potential net profit. A lateral thinking, Joint Venture approach can set up numerous back end income sources, all at 100% margin (we like to call them DollarMakers) within hours, days or weeks, thereby turbo-boosting income and differentiating the business from it’s competition, whose blinders keep them working too hard for too little.

Leverage and duplication can be systematically applied to virtually any business when the JV Broker applies this open mindset to the business services, focusing on providing the optimal ease and value for the customer and getting paid on all resulting transactions, much like owning multiple Toll Booths on thousands of bridges across the world. Best of all, this can be accomplished with no money or risk, and surprisingly little time, since this involves leveraging existing resources. The Broker looks for links and partnership opportunities, and specializes in building a congruent flow of business.

When you think out of the box, you get out of the box, and unlimited opportunities suddenly start appearing all over.

Robin J. Elliott

Shed Your Excuses and Reach the Stars!

At a Joint Venture Bootcamp I conducted for 140 people in Edmonton, Alberta yesterday, a woman wrote the following on a slip of paper and put it on the podium for me to read: “Excuses are like armpits; there are lots of them around, and they all stink!” and, “I’m not paying for excuses - I’m only paying for results!” Your excuses are a cancer that eats away at your success., your credibility, your reputation, and your self-esteem.

Like Yoda, who said, “There is no try - only do or do not”, I have ceased to believe peoples’ excuses, and I don’t make excuses for my own slothfulness. I’m fat because I eat too much and exercise too little. Some people even make excuses IN ADVANCE! Ever heard yourself say, “I’ll try”? T.R.Y. means To Relive Yesterday’s Failures. When people say, “I’ll do my best”, or “I hope to succeed” or “If everything works out well”… these people expect to fail, so they do.

What happens when you don’t do what you promise and you then make excuses, instead of admitting to your lack of self-discipline and integrity? Your self esteem drops. You earn money in direct proportion to your level of self esteem, and that means that excuses cost you money in many ways. People take away opportunities from you and give them to other people who will deliver what they promise. Your excuses are hurting you.

One reason for excuses is that people are afraid of feeling rejected. They’re more likely to be rejected for offering feeble excuses (traffic, kids, spouses, cars, illness) than just admitting that they messed up and making right. “I’m late because I didn’t get out of bed early enough. It’s my fault. I am sorry. I won’t do it again.” Now, if you don’t repeat the bad choices, nobody will reject you - they will admire your courage and candor.

We make excuses to ourselves as well, so that we can avoid making painful choices and doing uncomfortable things. Winners know that when there is no pain, there is no gain. Instead of making internal excuses, compare the pain of regret to the pain of discipline. “Pay me now, or pay me later”. An ounce worth of painful self discipline will save you tons of regret in the future. Discipline will increase your confidence, self image, energy, and enthusiasm. You will feel you deserve to be rewarded, so you will succeed. Don’t compare yourself with people less successful than you are - compare yourself with more successful people and determine to improve your life in every area.

Finally, let’s talk about being late for appointments. There is NO excuse. Leave 30 minutes early. Everyone faces traffic and interruptions. Take control of your life. If there was a million dollar check waiting for you, would you be late? Get there early, turn your cellphone off during the meeting, be well prepared and well groomed, and you’ll be in the top three percent of people. Let us agree to stop making and accepting excuses.

Robin J. Elliott

Your Future
Your future will be whatever you decide it will be. In four years time, you will look back on today and know that your decisions determined your destination. It is YOUR future. You can have whatever future you want; you don’t need to beg, plead, manipulate, or make excuses. You don’t need permission. Your future is like a buffet table with a huge selection of foods - take what you like. You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. Exactly what do you want your life to look like in three or four year’s time?

When I am in a strange city and I have a destination, I call a taxi and tell the driver where to take me. Then I sit back and relax. I do have to pay him, though - there is always a price to pay. What price will you pay for your goal life? Guess what? You’ll pay a price for NOT achieving that lifestyle, too! So either way, whether you design and create a wonderful lifestyle or submit to a life of compromise, pain, and frustration, you will pay the price. So you decide what price you will pay, because it’s cheaper to pay for the perfect lifestyle. Why? In four years, after paying the price and achieving the lifestyle, it gets much easier. If you don’t, and your life stays boring, painful and scary, you keep on paying!

Think of the man sitting in a rowing boat, working hard, rowing around in circles, going nowhere fast. That represents the average person in this world - 97% of people, statistically. In four years time, he’s older, weaker, and even more depressed, but he’s working just as hard, if not harder, to keep on going around in circles. The other rower in the other boat heads for his Treasure Island. He works just as hard, but in four years he is resting in luxury. Your choice. This can be your defining moment, if you want it to be.

DollarMakers is designed and continually evolves and improves, to offer people around the world the means and the guidance to reach their financial life goals. I know that 97% of your problems will be solved or severely alleviated with enough money. We have the blueprint, the systems, and support, and the tools necessary for you to use to reach your destination. Where will you be in four years? Your taxi is waiting…

Robin J. Elliott

Your Powerful, Secret Weapon

I say your “Secret Weapon” is a secret, because most us are blissfully unaware of it’s power and efficacy. When we realize how powerful this weapon is, we start to use it all the time, and life gets infinitely easier. Those daunting detours, obstinate obstacles, and blinding barriers are child’s play for your Secret Weapon. On the way to your objective, you get to replace your ox wagon and blunderbuss with a fully armed F18 jet fighter. Instead of using a sundial and a sextant, you get the latest and best GPS when you use your Secret Weapon. You cut through hindrances and impediments like a freight train going through a shopping cart, a red-hot knife through butter.

You already have the secret weapon. Here’s the scary part - right now, TODAY, right here, it is either working FOR you, or it’s working AGAINST you! And most of the time, people have set their their own secret weapons up to work against themselves! No wonder the seething herd is locked into mediocrity, compromise, frustration, fear, weakness, and depression. No wonder it’s so hard to get ahead and get traction. No surprises there, once you understand and acknowledge the choices to make to switch your Secret Weapon from Destroy to Deliver. Once you stop turning the gun on yourself, life gets easier.

Ever wondered how it is that you wake up just before the alarm clock goes off? Or you think of someone that you haven’t had any contact with in months, and there’s an e mail or letter of voice mail from that person waiting for you? What about those people who always seem to have “bad luck” and everything goes wrong for them, while everything others touch seems to turn into gold? “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” - ever wondered why? I’m not talking about the lies you will hear from the mystics, politicians, and others who have a vested interest in keeping you poor, blind, hungry and tired, I’m talking about the rational, proven reality here.

I have to keep this article short, so let me get to the point real fast now. Your Secret Weapon is your Subconscious Mind. Now before you bleat, “I read about that and I know about it”, let me assure you and all the other sheeple out there that you might have read about it or heard about it in a seminar, but you’re not USING it, or you would understand it. When you learn how to harness, control, and direct your subconscious mind, your whole life starts changing. You suddenly realize that you have turned from victim to victor, and your Reticular Activating System and subconscious power stars directing and enhancing every single one of your choices and changing your perspective so that you find yourself flying on jet fuel towards your goals; you start to get extraordinarily “lucky”. Things start working out. You start “attracting” and magnetizing all manner of good people and great opportunities, and your peace of mind, confidence, and power starts increasing in leaps and bounds.

Here, in a very tiny nutshell, is the simple recipe for governing your Subconscious Mind to work FOR you, and not against you:

1. Focus on what you want, and not what you don’t want - be very clear and specific about your congruent goals and objectives, using visualization, affirmation, and daily monitoring. This is the catalyst that will activate your powerful Reticular Activating System.
2. Control your self talk, questions, what you say, and every single choice.
3. Carefully construct ALL your input - what you see, read, hear, watch, and whom you mix with, where you go, and what you expose yourself to - everything has to be aligned with your objectives and values. Everything has to be cohesive and clear.
4. Mercilessly cut the rubbish from your life and your mind, your environment, your home, and your business. That means all bad people, input, association, visual triggers, as you would two week old, smelly garbage and dead animals.
5. Focus on the future and the present, not on the past, unless as a tool to motivate and inspire you.
6. Change your philosophy from one that will keep you deluded, confused, inferior, guilty, and impotent, to one that will empower, release, and revere you.

As you apply these six choices on a daily, consistent basis, your subconscious mind will start working for you in amazing ways, I assure you.

You have the power, and the money is already in the bank. Use your most valuable asset, your Secret Weapon, and break free from the shackles of ignorance, sacrifice, and servitude. Be free!

We will be teaching these principles as a part of the curriculum on our exciting DollarMakers Cerified Business Mentor training program.

Robin J. Elliott

The Jewel is In the Lotus

When Tibetan Buddhists chant “Om Mani Pedme Hung“, they mean that ‘what we seek, we are’. The seeds of greatness are within us. We are wonderfully equipped with a powerful mind that can guide us to whatever goal we seek, as long as we take action and make the right choices. Tony Robbin’s work, “Awaken The Giant Within”, was a great inspiration to me. When I fired my boss and started my own business, a friend of mine, Louie Boshoff, gave me a copy of that book and wrote in it, “Congratulations on your Independence Day, Robin!” That day, I started focusing on the giant within me.

Tony Robbins said, “We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish”, because he understood the power we all have within us. When you learn to master your mind, you will be able to control your emotions, beliefs, and choices. At that point, you get the power. When you understand how to use your internal communication with yourself to accomplish your goals by asking yourself the right questions, you control your focus and the interpretation of your circumstances. It’s not what happens yo you that will determine your success or failure, but how you interpret what happens to you, and your reaction to those circumstances.

You are the lotus, beautiful, unblemished, unlimited, and perfect, rising up out of the black mud of mediocrity, compromise, confusion, and pessimism, and the jewel, that is the seed of success, is within you. You can control your Reticular Activating System, command your subconscious mind, and steer yourself directly to Treasure Island. Other people have no control over your success, your emotions, or your mind, unless you hand it to them willingly. This is the plateau we all need to ascend to in order to be the best we can be. And we first have to BE (become) before we can DO (take the correct actions), and DO before we can HAVE whatever we want in our life: Happiness, Health, and Prosperity in every area of life.

How do we unleash our power, nurture the seeds of success within us, and break free from the bonds of compromise, second-best, feeble accomplishments, excuses, and frustration? How do we elevate ourselves to this level of self control and discipline? I like to think of our potential as being a huge water tank with an unlimited amount of pure, magical, fresh, sparkling water in it. The spigot or tap opens in minute degrees to allow more and more of our potential to flow, or it closes by degree. What closes it? Our association with negativity, bad input, bad people, bad thoughts, and wrong choices. This is the result of ignorance and slothfulness.

How do we open the spigot and allow more and more of our immaculate potential to flood our lives and the lives of those we love with joy and prosperity? Every time you associate with positive people, learn from the right sources, understand the correct techniques, and apply good choices, the spigot opens a tiny bit more, slowly elevating our minds, our understanding, and our self discipline to the next level of power. By immersing ourselves in the correct information, allowing ourselves to be mentored by the right people, and consistently making good, rational choices, we learn how to open the spigot more and more. We grow up into giants. We wield more power. We control our minds, emotions, and circumstances better. As the Buddha said, we “make our minds a castle”.

You are the source of your own power, the answer to your dreams, the solution to your questions, and the combination to the vault of success. By learning and working, you allow the seeds of greatness within you to grow and develop, until you are strong enough to teach others. We never stop growing and learning, and we all learn from one another, so keep your feet firmly on the ground and remember that we all have a long way to go. It just gets better and better!

Robin J. Elliott

Monday, April 21, 2008

Your Future is At Risk

Fifty percent of the people living in the United Kingdom have less than three thousand pounds in savings. A large proportion of the people in North America live from paycheck to paycheck, and could only survive three months if they lost their jobs. “Job security” is a thing of the past. Huge companies, airlines, banks, and organizations fail regularly, downsize their workforces, outsource labor to third world countries, and reduce the salaries of their employees without notice. We are faced with recession and depression, and many people have already lost their homes. Millions of people lose large portions of their life savings on the stock market. Here today, gone tomorrow. Your financial future is very fragile and at serious risk if you’re relying on a job or a boss.

The Chinese have a saying, “Dig the well before you thirst”, but most people prefer to hide their heads in the sand and ignore reality, hoping things will magically improve and some rich person will come and pay all their debts for them. It’s not going to happen. When you’re sliding down a slippery slope towards a murky pond filled with hungry alligators, steel spikes, and greedy, flesh-eating piranha fish, your only option is to get off the slippery slope.

Harland Stonecipher calls himself a “Dream Giver” - he helps people realize their dreams, and he continually helps people from the most diverse backgrounds to become millionaires. His 36-year-old NYSE company has an amazing success track record. He sets people free from financial fear, terror, mediocrity, and desperation. And yet, people will say, “I think this is a risky thing”. When $99 can change their futures for the better and give them a vehicle to make all their dreams come true, they prefer to continue down the slippery slope, along with all the other sheeple - the lambs on their way to the slaughter. So they spend their $99 on cigarettes and cable TV, relaxing while the Titanic sinks. I feel sorry for the pets and families of people who refuse to take responsibility for their futures.

Here’s the wake-up call: You are living in a wooden cottage on the edge of a very high cliff. You have all your assets and worldly belongings in that little house, and while you’re watching TV and relaxing, a huge river is eroding the ground right under your house. You read about it, you hear about it, your friends go bankrupt, but you’re too dumb to care. Any day now, your house will collapse and you stand to lose everything. That river is called change, recession, and the new order of things.

There is, however, another option, and that is a bridge to a secure financial future, a large, secure house built on rock, and it is waiting for you. DollarMakers specializes in helping people across the bridge to the lifestyle and peace of mind they deserve - financial security can be yours, but you have to take action. And you have to do it NOW. You’ve been warned.

Robin J. Elliott

The Secret to Financial Fortune

Look through a binoculars the wrong way, and instead of things getting bigger, they get smaller! The secret to multiplying your income a hundredfold is really not complicated, once we understand a simple law. A pumpkin growing in a bottle will never get bigger than the bottle. Our limitations are self-imposed; a bigger bottle is simply a greater expectation. Let’s examine the following poem:

“I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.
For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.
I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.”

When you put yourself into an income bottle, you cannot earn more, regardless of how hard you work, how loyal you are, or how much you want or need. When I was a hotel manager, I often worked sixteen hour days, sacrificed a lot, risked my health and many times my safety when I had to be the bouncer in the bar as well as the manager, the night chef and the barman. I had been trained at a prestigious hotel school, and at one stage worked for nine months with not one day off, yet I earned a pathetic salary compared to the value I created. Why? I was selling my time in a job. I had set it up that way. I was to blame.

Life will WILLINGLY pay you whatever you want, when you change your ideas and philosophy about money, duplication, leverage, and value. If you set things up to earn $100,000, that’s what you will get. If your self-esteem limits you to $10,000, that’s what life will pay you. Life doesn’t care how much you get. Money doesn’t know about your past, your guilt, your fears, or your education - it simply flows to value. as water runs downhill. There is no limit to the amount of money you an earn: You can go down to the beach with a teacup, and you will get a teacup full of sand. Take a buck and you get a bucketful. Take a huge drum, and you get more. Take a dump truck and you can have more sand. Take twenty dump trucks if you like - there is no shortage of sand - OR MONEY.

Perhaps you think you’re too old? Harland Sanders was 65-years-old, with a $105 Social Security payment in his pocket, when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. I believe he was rejected by over 1,000 banks before he became successful. If he hadn’t had a big goal, his self-esteem could never have withstood such rejection. You only lose the fight when you quit; it’s NEVER too late. Perhaps you think you don’t have the education. I met a man who never went to any school at all, yet he was a self-made billionaire. Your only limitation is the one YOU CHOOSE.

There is no scarcity or shrinking pie. Money is not bad. You can have whatever you want - all you need is the right understanding, the right philosophy, the right motivation, and the right SYSTEM. DollarMakers provides that for you. When you change your thinking about the amount of money you can earn, you change what you do, then you change the amount you earn. This process is not instant, but where would you be, and what would your life look like in two years if you started right now? You’re going to get there in two years, anyway: you simply have to decide what destination you with reach. Will you arrive, two years down the line, in the land of poverty, pressure, pain, and pessimism, or will you arrive in the land of plenty, peace, power and and prosperity? You will realize that “Any wage I asked of Life, Life has willingly paid.”

Get my book, “How to Retire in One Year”, and join the DollarMakers Club.

Robin J. Elliott

Information to Make You Rich

People are Like Car Batteries

Have you ever experienced a flat battery in your car? The more you try to start the car, the worse it gets, as the power drains away. The lights dim, the engine battles to turn over. That’s exactly what happens when you procrastinate on taking action. When you’re thrilled about a new project, that’s the time to jump into enthusiastic action: take advantage of the full battery of creativity, energy and insight that you have.

By waiting, analyzing, talking to other broke, negative people, and allowing your battery to slowly run down, you ensure your failure and mediocrity. Eventually, you go ahead just because you said you would, but without the fire and power you had when you first saw the opportunity. The longer it takes to take action, the less your possibility of success. As time passes, you start thinking of all the ways it won’t work. Your faith slowly gives way to fear, and you creep back into your shell of mediocrity.

When building a team, a downline, or a business, remember this: The window of opportunity is small, and those who make quicker decisions and get on board with excitement and action are the people you want on board. They will attract other winners like a magnet with their positive energy. The others will suck your energy as they try to regain the optimism and eager expectancy they had when they first heard of the opportunity. “Paralysis of Analysis” is a character trait that spells doom and gloom for the rest of your team, and you don’t need that cancerous contamination.

Lead by example, and be an action taker. Expect your people to do the same, and reward the walk, not the talk. If people don’t step up within a reasonable period of time, my suggestion is that you cut them loose as their battery dwindles. Invest your time and energy in strong, fired-up, action-oriented people.

Robin J. Elliott

Excellent Service is Not Enough

Have you heard the old saying, “Last impressions are lasting impressions”? Like the tattooed waitress who fawns over you the whole night, and after you sign the bill and allocate her tip, she disappears forever. Hopefully you won’t need anything more, because now that she has her tip she’s off working someone else. Or you attend a great theme park, event, or attraction, and after it’s all over you trudge home in the cold, dark and rain to your car - you’re forgotten.

I decided to go skiing on Mount Seymour, and, true to form, they had adjusted their schedule again to suit themselves, and twenty people were told abruptly that the chair lifts would only be opening at noon. No apology, nothing. At the top of the mountain thy eventually put up a sign with the “new” time. Why not at the bottom of the mountain before you drive all the way up? Oh, sorry, I forgot - that’s too much trouble for them. The infamous Heathrow Terminal Five: “Your bags were lost, but now they’re found - it will take another 45 minutes.” This after waiting an hour. No apology, just a sour face. I didn’t feel like I was hearing the snippet of a hymn, believe me.

In a world where competition is so strong, it’s easy to differentiate yourself and to stand out from the also-rans like welcoming, caring beacon of light. It’s simple to ensure people will remember you long after the event - a warm memory of your business. Relative to the amount of money people spend at your establishment, and bearing in mind the fact that they usually have numerous choices - read your competition - would you spend five bucks to retain a $100-per-visit customer? And what if that puny five bucks got your customer to refer you to ten other people @ $100 each, instead of badmouthing you on their blog?

“OK, OK - get to the point”, you say. And I will. You can buy delightful little ornaments, plush toys, and other gimmicks for one dollar at most Dollar Shops. You could have some ribbon printed with your business name on it to wrap around the soft, one dollar bear, and hand it to your guests as they leave. Send a Thank You Note. Add them to your database and send them a nice ezine with a Gift Certificate. The waitress could walk you to your car, holding an umbrella. Small gestures will be remembered long after the event. You don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for “corporate gifts”, but something with your name on it in your client’s office or home is a friendly reminder and a creator of loyalty and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Don’t get me started on restaurants again - damn! I already have. I take my wife to a new restaurant on the water in Port Moody for our 22nd wedding anniversary, and they ask, “What’s the occasion?” when I make the reservation. I tell them, “22nd wedding anniversary”. They FORGET, so people all around us get special treats with sparklers and signing waiters, while we are ignored. I won’t go back, I won’t recommend them, and I don’t like them. Childish, but human, I’m afraid. Here was a missed opportunity to spend a small amount to have that restaurant advertised to thousands of people in this article.

Every restaurant could dramatically increase their brand and market share with virtually no money and exceptional add value, using simple system that I teach at my Joint Venture Bootcamps. And that goes for EVERY other business out there. Reduce customer attrition, increase transaction amount, build your brand, increase referral business, push profits up… You can do it when you put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Spend 80% of your advertising and marketing budget on you existing customers and only 20% on new customers, and you will be amazed at the results.

Robin J. Elliott

Action, Traction, Attraction

Success is uncomplicated for people who understand that there are only three steps to reach it, and they are: Action, Traction, and Attraction. In my experience, anyone with an IQ of over 100 and a decent work ethic (those two criteria instantly eliminate a large percentage of the population) can climb these three simple steps to massive success in any business venture.

The first step is ACTION: a four letter word for many, called WORK. Consistent, focused, uncompromising, quality work. Not just a flutter of work and bluster just before you fetch your boss at the airport; he sees through that quickly and your sins will find you out. Not sporadic, half-hearted attempts, or mere gestures. I’m talking about real work, doing the things that get results. Doing the uncomfortable things at inconvenient times. Being on time, in place, and productive - every day. Working with enthusiasm and passion, without even considering quitting. Putting in the hours, going the extra mile, even when it rains or you feel ill. Consistent work. If you work long enough, you finally smash through the wall to resistance, and you eventually reach the next level, which is…

TRACTION. This is when you start to see progress, momentum, branding, recognition, a profit. People start responding, your phone starts ringing; you begin to see progress. The wheels are digging in - they’re stopped spinning on the ice and mud. How long does it take before your action gets traction? However long it takes. But if you have a good mentor, work hard an smart, use Joint Ventures, and only work with the right people, it eventually happens. And when you start to get traction, it is not a time to sit back and take it easy. This is the signal to double your efforts, sharpen your axe, and work harder than ever. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep the traction going until you reach the desirable level of…

ATTRACTION. Now your phone rings all day, and like the old song goes, “getting cards and letters from people I don’t even know, an offers coming over the phone…” Again, this is not a time to start resting, but a time o build on the momentum, strike while the iron is hot, and work harder! At a certain point (you will know when), you will be able to loosen up and take it a bit easy. If your systems are in place, you can delegate and allow the systems to do more work, but be vigilant, because the enemy lurks always.

Follow this philosophy and you will reap what you so.

Robin J Elliott

Highly Recommended Book: “Never Surrender” by Michael Dobbs

Winston Churchill - the story of one man’s defiance and a nation’s courage - three weeks in the Second World War.

Wonderful Job Available!

I talked with a young man called Blake, who told me he was looking for a “wonderful job”. I asked him to describe the job. It included autonomy, working on his own program, to his own schedule, lots of money, of course, and travel, the ability to use his creativity, bonuses for innovation, etc. He wanted lots of freedom, but he said he works very hard. He also said he was creative, professional, and dedicated. I asked him what kind of boss he wanted. “Someone who really understands me, allows me to play to my strengths, and encourages me”, he replied.

I told him, “You know what, Blake? You can have a job exactly like that. I know how you can get it. In fact, you can design your own job description, and you can even decide how much you will earn, including rewards for innovation, creativity, and professionalism. What’s more, I have the perfect boss for you - someone who really knows you, and more than that, CARES about you!” He was bouncing off the walls with excitement, begging to hear more.

I said, “The boss is YOU. Your on business. Total freedom, along with total responsibility, no limitations, and the world at your feet. At this point he predictably became angry. He said he wanted the “SECURITY” of a paycheck. I answered, “You should trust yourself more than anyone else in the world, Blake. Why would you feel more secure handing your life and income to someone else who doesn’t care about you? Is your self-esteem really so low? Here’s the real question, Blake: You know yourself, your abilities, and your work ethic. Would YOU hire YOU? If you would, here’s your perfect opportunity - start your own business - employ yourself!”

Guess what his next objection was - “It’s so risky to start a business.” I agree completely. That’s why we teach people to start the best business in the world - no overhead, no risk, unlimited potential, flexibility, creativity, income, and freedom: being a Joint Venture Broker. Say no more!

Robin J. Elliott

Easy Money, Just Waiting for You

Easy money, Honey! There are thousands of goldmines out there just WAITING for you. This is an untapped source of serious money. Want to know more? Settle down with a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit - this information could radically change your financial situation forever. I’m serious.

A very large percentage of small and medium-sized businesses have no website, no e-commerce, no up-to-date database of customers, no back-end income sources or Joint Ventures in place, no referral systems, no upsells or bundling, and no regular, effective communication with their customers. Many of them see forty or fifty new customers a day, and yet they don’t get them into a database. All that money is left on the table - for you to share in!

If you approached a business that had forty or more new customers and regulars coming in every day, you could make them the following offer, and you would have a lot of takers lining up to make you money:

“I can offer you a new, complete, professional, e-commerce website with links to ten Joint Venture partners, (that’s ten additional, pure profit income streams that I will set up for you) plus a number of back-ends, and build you a database and weekly ezine, plus put upsells and bundling in place. I will set up a lucrative referral system for you and manage the entire project, update it, and make it work. It will cost you not one dime, take none of your time, entail no risk whatsoever, and seriously enhance your image with your customers. It will seriously increase your sales and profits. At the same time, it will reduce your customer attrition rate and increase customer loyalty, purchase frequency, and transaction amounts. Most important, it will differentiate you from your competitors and add massive additional value. And it won’t cost you a cent.
I will own the URL (domain name) and the passwords, and I will take 40% of the resulting profits (that’s money you wouldn’t have had, anyway!) Now this might not be for you, of course, and that’s OK with me - I just wanted to make you this offer before going across the road to your competition.”

You use their existing reputation, customer flow, resources, and infrastructure to make money. You piggyback on an existing business. And you can do this with ten businesses simultaneously!
Oh, the website. You will be amazed to hear that a website like that is available for $997 and $50 per month, with full, total support, and you can sell banners and advertising to cover the initial investment. See and use this idea to make a lot of money.

Want to learn more? Attend our Toronto Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp April 19!

Robin J. Elliott

Triumphant Trilogy

Let’s talk trilogies. We’ve all seen the movie trilogies, from junk like Legally Blonde to good stuff like The Godfather. Then you get evil trilogies, like Omorosa, Obama, and Osama (I’d add Absolut Vodka, but then it would be a tetralogy and it wouldn’t rhyme…), and good trilogies, like the boxing trilogies of the Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier battles and the Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield fights. I’m not talking about those trilogies.

What I am talking about is a three-legged-stool analogy - every leg is equally necessary in order that the objective be accomplished. I believe the ideal trilogy is Freedom, Responsibility, and Creation. Simply put, we are responsible for ourselves and our own successes or failures in life. Responsibility means, “My ability and choice to respond to my circumstances, opportunities, and threats in any way I wish. Creation is production. We are creative beings, or, better still, becomings- we are responsible for our own creations and contributions, and we should be rewarded in direct proportion to the value we create. The more value we responsibly create, the more freedom we are granted, because we are (or should be) financially rewarded in reciprocation for our beneficence. Money buys power and freedom. This philosophy is the backbone of capitalism and freedom.

But does this always work? In an altruistic, collectivist society that attacks WalMart for being successful and worships smoking sluts that cavort naked with strange men in public (film stars), where losers, mystics, and parasites are more honored and loved than the CEO’s of companies that provide jobs for tens of thousands of people who are incapable of creative thinking, it’s sometimes hard to believe that we live in a capitalist, free world society in the west. The fact is, if you believe it, you need to MAKE it work. If your philosophy is like mine, you are obliged to live a congruent, uncompromised life, regardless of some of the frustrations encountered along the way.

Once we take responsibility for our pasts and our futures and understand that we are fully entitled to fair recompense for our production, once we demand freedom and insist on being allowed to live according to our philosophy, we shift to the top three percent in society. Then the top one percent. Naturally, that philosophy creates wealth, because a true Objectivist will not accept mediocrity and a second-rate lifestyle, handouts or less compensation than he or she is worth.

Understanding your own weltanschauung, choosing a philosophy that is both challenging and empowering at the same time, and demanding the right to live according to that philosophy, is another triumphant trilogy. The problem that people have with success and money is a thinking problem. The issue is not your circumstances but your world view. This philosophy will attract the enmity an jealousy of masses, as is evidenced on television on a daily basis, as we slowly slide into slimy socialism. But it’s well worth it. In her book, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand clearly shows how it works, and I highly recommend you consider reading it if you are truly committed to success in your life.

As the singer tells us, it’s like love and marriage or a horse and carriage - you can’t have the one without the other; you need all the three legs of the stool - no exclusions: Freedom, Responsibility, and Creation. The motto, “Live Free or Die” appeals to me.

Robin J. Elliott

How to Supercharge Your Sales and Income

Did you know that there is a simple “Mental Switch” that you can throw, that will dramatically increase your business results? What would you pay to discover that switch and find out how to make it work? How badly do you want it? On a scale of one to ten, one being “I don’t care” and ten being, “I will walk naked with my hair on fire over broken glass and scorpions in front of my worst enemies during the Superbowl”, are you a fifteen? Will you INSIST on success?

Many salespeople and entrepreneurs drag a smelly old “employee mindset” to their efforts; they focus on what they did, reporting on their actions, without majoring on the results they have achieved, almost as though they have to justify themselves. They accept the results they get based on three things: Their level of motivation, their history (past results) and the history of others in their industry, and those from whom they learn.

Years ago, I trained the salespeople in a Nissan car dealership. The average salesperson sold four cars in their first month. We agreed that we would all tell new salespeople that the average sales by a new salesperson in their first month was fifteen cars, and that they would be summarily fired if they sold anything less. Then we partnered them with the top salespeople as mentors in their first month. The average sales soared to 13 in the first month by new salespeople. BUT, as soon as they found out what the REAL sales average was, and that they wouldn’t be fired as threatened, their sales immediately plummeted like a lead balloon to the average level!

At the same dealership, a character arrived at my training session with a long, hippy, dirty, environmentalist beard. I said, “If I was your boss, I would tell you to shave off that scraggly beard or find another job. Your sales will immediately quadruple if you shave it off.” The next day, he showed up without having removed the pathetic beard. Why? He was not sufficiently motivated; his beard was more important to him than keeping his job. What would happen if I threatened to kill his inbred family if he didn’t shave his beard off?

Here is how to throw the switch that will switch you to high octane rocket fuel, unprecedented success, and make you rich:

1. You have to be highly motivated. I ask salespeople, “Can you double your sales next month?” They naturally answer, “No”, because they have to justify their past results, their expectations are limited to those around them, and their present beliefs and self-esteem put a glass ceiling on what they can achieve, and they are reasonably comfortable with their present income. So then I ask, “If you knew without a doubt that your beloved family would be slaughtered if you don’t double your sales next month, can you do it now?” Oh, yes. What changed? Their WHY. The HOW and their lame excuses suddenly became irrelevant. Find your WHY. Understand the consequences of failure.

2. You can do a lot more than you think once you have a serious, compelling, urgent reason to accomplish a specific, measurable goal within a definite time frame, with terrible consequences looming should you miss the mark. You called ten people yesterday? Could you call thirty or forty if I had a gun to your head? Could you quadruple your intensity, discipline, activity, enthusiasm, and determination? Sure you could, if I was standing next to your bare butt with a red-hot branding iron! (The brand has a dollar sign on it.)

3. You have to have very specific RESULT goals, so you can’t hide behind lukewarm, half-hearted activity. And there has to be a wonderful reward to accomplishing them and a scary consequence if you don’t.

4. You are only allowed to deal with, communicate with, learn from, associate with, and sell to WINNERS. No losers or their friends are allowed within four miles of you, or in your e mail, on the phone, or in the mail. Nothing. And you have to learn to ASK for what you want. The more you ask for, the more you will get. Ask for the sale every time.

5. ALL your input - what you see, read, listen to, watch, and hear, has to be a diet of success, carefully chosen for the maximum results. Input = output.

6. When you reach this level of self discipline and clarity, commitment and motivation, especially when you are surrounded by people who are more successful than you are and to whom you are committed and responsible, your self-esteem will skyrocket and you will start expecting a lot more of yourself and others. You will have very little competition. You will no longer compromise, make or accept excuses, or focus on actions. You will only measure RESULTS.

Remain flexible on the HOW, but never shift on your WHY. Become a laser-focused money machine, a determined DollarMaker, a warrior, an unstoppable, bullet-proof missile. See my DVD, How to Create a Bulletproof Mindset. Daily, consistent, persistent, focused, passionate action will be combination that opens any safe you want. You can do this.

Robin J. Elliott

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Monday, March 03, 2008

CREATE Your Defining MOment

Most great successes and the the turning points in peoples' lives can be traced back to one event, one insight, one meeting or revelation that ripped time apart and put them on a new course. This pivotal point is often reached when someone exceeds their pain threshold - the perceived pain of change is suddenly considered less than the pain of not changing. This critical juncture in a person's life often sends them on a rocket-ship ride to success, because something changes permanently deep down in their psyche.

People who have passed through the pain of procrastination, the thin veil of compromise, the mist of mediocrity, and the paralysis of fear, come out like warriors. They are like diamonds created under intense pressure, oblivious to detours and obstacles, and intensely focused on their purpose and objective. Their success is a given. Failure is not even a possibility. They do not suffer fools gladly and they will not make excuses, tolerate distractions, or water down their expectations - for anybody.

Now this defining moment, this Date with Disgust, this dramatic change in purpose and direction, does not have to be a random event, or the result of years of momentum and buildup - it can be induced. Your date with destiny can be consciously activated - by choice - at a time you want. All it takes is exposure to the right information from the right person. It can be a book, a meeting, a seminar, or an insight. And the more you are exposed to the right kind of information, the faster you will see yourself hitting new plateaus of development, on a regular basis.

Ayn Rand asks, "Have you noticed that the imbecile always smiles? Man's first frown is the first touch of God on his forehead. The touch of thought… " As a child, I always noticed that obese people spent a lot of time laughing. Fat and jolly? I think not. Ayn Rand's teaching induced one of my most dramatic defining moments. Others have been Paul J. Meyer, Jay Abraham and Richard Dawkins. Churchill's memoirs also had a dramatic impact on my philosophy.

Tonight, our guest speaker on the DollarMakers Joint Venture Broker Club's Members only Conference Call was the famous trade and barter expert, the highly respected DollarMakers Club Member Mr. Bob Meyer. His talk was exceptional. I have no doubt that anyone who bought his product (which includes, amazingly, a year of access to Bob himself!) from will experience a defining moment and the wealth that will ensue. The right person with the right information at the right time - an opportunity to release the giant within you and blast through to success beyond your wildest imagination - as long as you take action.

Robin J. Elliott

Yesterday we went hiking in the snow on Mount Seymour, British Columbia. We had a wonderful time and the views were, as always on a clear day, extraordinary. BC is certainly the most beautiful place in the world in my opinion. As we walked past a frozen lake, we saw two snowshoes sticking up at the entrance to a snow cave. It was a father, lying on is stomach, gazing into the cave that his young daughter had crawled into! The entrance was about two feet high and 18 inches wide. Imagine a father allowing his daughter to risk her life like that. They say child abuse is giving your kid a hiding. How about sending them into a snow cave, alone, that could collapse at any minute?

My point? When someone offers you a wonderful business opportunity / investment miracle / amazing seminar / exceptional book to read, ask them this: "Have YOU done what you're proposing I do?" Perhaps they're sending you into a snow cave to risk your life while they watch and collect the commission. Question their motives, and demand that they lead by example. Perhaps you're their guinea pig. You're their canary in the coal mine of risk. They want to have you take the risk (while they get paid for it) before they take the risk themselves, if they ever do.

At DollarMakers, we only recommend Joint Ventures that we are personally involved in. We recommend books that we have read. We lead by example. We're not Dollar Fakers - we're DollarMAKERS.

Robin J. Elliott

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look the Other Way?

We love to deny uncomfortable facts. Churchill confronted Chamberlain's weakness and warned of coming problems. Clinton allowed Bin Laden to escape. He has never been held accountable for the consequences. Jim Rohn said, "Discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons." Churchill saw the future. He warned about communism, "The machinery of propaganda may pack their minds with falsehood and deny them truth for many generations of time, but the soul of man thus held in trance, or frozen in a long night, can be awakened by a spark coming from God knows where, and in a moment the whole structure of lies and oppression is on trial for its life." He foresaw and forewarned.
But most people are not Churchill. They wait for the lawyer's letter, the bills, the illness, the divorce order, before taking action. They stick their heads in the sand. They look the other way. And when it's too late, they start blaming all and sundry for the predicament they themselves created through their neglect, lies, slothfulness, and bad choices. Their self pity when the chickens come home to roost is disgusting to behold. Churchill had the courage to deal with reality, the self-esteem to go to war, the vision to hold on until victory, and the intelligence to know that this was the only route to freedom.

Compromise, mediocrity, cowardice, and denial lead to the imprisonment of the mind and the quiet desperation and passive aggression so evident in today's western society which each day edges closer to socialism and collectivism. The tolerance, acceptance, and even encouragement of drug addicts, criminals, and army deserters has a consequence, as can be seen in the resulting society. What we sow, we will surely reap. It's just a matter of time. Countries can be overthrown by immigration when their leaders are rotten, gutless mercenaries; war is unnecessary. Every choice and action has a consequence. The fact that you don't immediately see it does not mean it isn't happening.

Look at your life. Are there a few Hitlers on the horizon? Do you have a few Bin Laden friends? Is your neighbor an army deserter? Do you have a Judas on your team? Are you so weak and politically correct that you have become a socialist without even knowing it? If you keep on the way you're going right now, what does your future look like? You can break the mirror, shoot the messenger, delete this ezine, close my Blog, curse me for making you face the oncoming train, or resolve to make some adjustments, change course, and confront a few issues. What will your life look like in five years if you do? What will it look like if you don't? Frankly, I don't care what choices you make. You have been warned, so my job is done.

Here's the good part: We vastly underestimate what we can accomplish when we face reality and make courageous choices. If people knew what a brilliant future they could create over time without massive changes, they would make better choices than a society addicted to comfort, instant gratification, laziness, compromise, and the mind numbing opiates of mysticism and political rhetoric. Your future does not have to be worse than your past. You can escape the downward spiral which you may realize you are on. You can be strong, free, successful, happy, healthier, and wealthy if you're prepared to pay the price now.

But you won't get the recipe for success from those who have a vested interest in your desperation, slavery, exhaustion, and dependency, like the banks, politicians, employers and witchdoctors; your recipe from freedom can only come from those who are genuinely free. Only a strong swimmer with a conscience can help a drowning person.

Robin J. Elliott

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Atlas Can Shrug

Atlas had waged and lost a ten-year war against the gods of Mount Olympus. As punishment, the gods condemned Atlas to support the earth and the heavens on his back for eternity. He had grown weary of the task and was only too glad when Hercules offered to take over his burden. In turn, Hercules said he needed help to complete his eleventh labor, fetching the Golden Apples, which were closely guarded by nymphs called the Hesperides. Prometheus had told Hercules that Atlas could easily complete this labor as he was the nymphs’ father and knew their secrets. When Atlas returned with the apples, Hercules tricked him into resuming the burden of bearing the earth and the heavens on his back for eternity. This statue depicts that never-ending punishment.

Ayn Rand wrote a wonderful book entitled "Atlas Shrugged". You do not have to carry and support leeches, parasites, or scavengers. You should be rewarded for the value you create. Don't work for nothing. You are entitled to choose whom you do business with and associate with. When people take advantage of you, misuse or abuse you, or steal from you, you have the OBLIGATION to shrug them off. Don't be tricked, as Atlas was, into bearing an unfair burden. If you want to ride the horse, you have to feed it. People who reap have to sow - those who reap without sowing are thieves, and they should be shrugged off your back.

When you're not carrying unnecessary weight around, you can move fast. You'll find yourself happier and healthier, richer and wealthier. And because you're happier, you'll attract more winners into your life and less whiners. Rid yourself of the fat. You will become a lean money machine, and you'll have the time and clarity required to find creative solutions and the means to creating more wealth and value. A successful entrepreneur should continually and regularly evaluate his or her relationships and shrug the disloyal detractors and saboteurs off. People are genuinely either for you or against you - never doubt that.

Robin J. Elliott

To Get Free, You Need New Information

A lot of information that people get keeps them poor, hungry and desperate - the only PhD they’ll ever get. This is the herd - the sheeple - doing what everyone does because they have the wrong information. Read this excerpt from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead:

“Roark pointed to the picture of the Parthenon. ‘Shall I tell you what’s rotten about it? Look! The famous flutings in the famous columns. What are they there for? To hide the joints in wood, when columns were made of wood. Only they aren’t - they’re marble. The triglets - what are they? Wood. Wooden beams - the way they were laid when people began to build wooden shacks. Your Greeks took marble and they made copies of their wooden structures out of it, because others had done it that way. Then your maters of the Renaissance cam along and made copies in plaster of copies in marble of copies in wood. Now here we are, making copies in steel and concrete of copies in plaster of copies in marble of copies in wood. Why? I want to be an architect, not an archaeologist.’”

Many politicians, mystics, academics, bureaucrats, and employers have a vested interest in feeding the herd with incorrect information that is guaranteed to keep them poor, dependant, blindfolded, hobbled, and restricted. When sheeple have no time or money, they don’t have time to think, evaluate, or question. They’re working too hard to survive to even consider the fact that they could thrive. Lots of meetings, long commutes, high taxes, lots of red tape, and myths keep the herd from breaking free of their prisons of fear and scarcity. They are force fed repackaged lies through confidence tricksters in pulpits, on CNN, in the universities and colleges and in newspapers; people whom they respect and look up to. The socialists, collectivists, witchdoctors, multiculturalists, and environmentalists don’t want you to know what will set you free from their control.

When it comes to money and business, DollarMakers is all about showing people how to make dollars with no cost or risk, and regardless of whether or not they have a business, or their background, age or circumstances. That’s the information we share. How to retire in one year. How to avoid risk. How to get rich. How to be financially free and live a congruent life. How to escape the bondage of debt and a job. We share the same information that we used to achieve retirement twice. Our mission is to give people back their power of choice, their dignity and self-respect, their time, their families and their minds.

Only the free can set others free, and we are free. We are not obligated to share this information - we do it for our own sakes. If you wish to be free, join us.

Robin J. Elliott

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Understanding Leverage

I wanted to share a portion of a private e mail sent but our DollarMakers Area Coordinator for British Columbia, Canada, with you, regarding the use of leverage in business. Here it is:

Hi Blair, just for some basic info visit Register on the right hand side of the page. I will answer any questions after that.

Just to whet your appetite, though; this is short term on-line stock trading. We have put together a JV with the head trainer of a fairly well known trading/educational software company and packaged it like you’re watching over his shoulder and can trade like he does. His track record speaks for itself (you’ll hear more about that later) I became his client; helped him package this so it was unique and has way more value than anything out there that we know of. After trading his stock picks, first on paper then real money, I am seeing with my own eyes the amazing results from the strategy that he has packaged and offers to his subscribers.

He doesn’t sell software; there are no expensive seminars to attend; you just get the analyzed stock picks everyday there is trading for a monthly fee and you can cancel with 30 days notice if it is not a fit for your lifestyle.

I spend 15 to 30 minutes a day doing this and the results are fantastic. My money is usually back off the table within 30 minutes of the market opening. To give you an example of what the results are; if you had traded the picks as they were available in January (it was a terrible month in the markets as you probably know and we didn’t have many chances to trade) you would have made 3% on your portfolio while others were losing 3-7%. If you had been trading with a margin account like I do you could have made up to 10% in the month of January. (I made 7%)

Check it out and get back to me if your interest is sparked.

Patrick Giesbrecht

DollarMakers Area Coordinator for British Columbia, Canada

"Sorry, Sir, we're all out!"

We were walking down Oxford Street in London yesterday, looking at all the stores, and I thought, what DON'T they sell? Every wonderful product you can think of is available for sale. If I was a store, there would be some things I didn't sell. I would say, "Sorry, we're all out". What wouldn't I sell, and what shouldn't you sell?

Sorry, sir, we're all out of "I 'll try".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of excuses.
Sorry, sir, we're all out of "I'll do my best".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of "It wasn't my fault".
Sorry, sir, we're all out of "I don't have time".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of "I can't help it".
Sorry, sir, we're all out of "I don't know what to do".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of "It's the economy / competition / my parents' fault".
Sorry, sir, we're all out of "IF".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of "I HOPE".
Sorry, sir, we're all out of "Maybe / Perhaps / I GUESS".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of "I THINK / More or less".
Sorry, sir, we're all out of "The people in this town don't get it".
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of blaming, complaining, whining, and weak excuses.
Sorry, sir, we're all out of showing up late, and not returning calls and e mails punctually.
Sorry, Ma'am, we're all out of scarcity thinking.

You see, sir/madam, we don't stock junk and we only work with winners who think big, demand excellence, and take responsibility and make things happen. Our best sales clerk is Mr. Yoda, who taught me that "there is no TRY, only do or do not."

Robin J. Elliott

Thursday, February 21, 2008


People who have a deadline to accomplish a certain goal, whether it be financial, structural, a position to be achieved, or a sales target, need to get into a "Push" mentality. You can choose to be a loser and back off, simmer down, cool off, give up, compromise, lower your standards, start making excuses in advance, complain, whine, or PUSH. Winners PUSH. They don't know how to quit. And so they win. The discomfort of quitting far exceeds the discomfort of pushing.

What do I mean by PUSH? Here are a few questions that will put you into a push mode, and by taking responsibility, you will be amazed at how powerful you will become:

Have I asked EVERYONE I KNOW to buy / join / take action / attend? If not, why not? Do I fear their choices more than failure? If I have asked them, I will ask them again! Every "NO" gets me closer to a "YES!"

Who can reach a large group of people in my behalf, to sell / announce / promote my product / service / opportunity? Have I asked them what it will take / what they want in return for enthusiastically promoting me?

What group of people can I get to, how can I do it, and who can help me? Can I attend every business networking meeting and promote there? Have I emailed everyone I know and asked them to e mail their people?

If I was really desperate and my life was at stake, what would I do to achieve this goal? Is my Comfort Zone limiting my success? What haven't I tried?

If I was giving advice to someone else how to accomplish this objective, what advice would I give THEM?

Who has already accomplished this goal, that can show me what to do and how to do it?

If I am using TIME as an excuse, what activities can I cancel / postpone in order to free up the time I need to make this happen? Being BUSY and being PRODUCTIVE are not necessarily the same thing.

MAKE it happen. Don't accept the possibility of failure / defeat. INSIST on success, whatever it takes. Be a warrior, not a worrier. Check your attitude. Get positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic. As Dale Carnegie taught us, "ACT enthusiastic, and you'll BE enthusiastic!" Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.
Align yourself with strong winners, top achievers, and motivated producers. Call the most successful person you know and ask for their advice, then TAKE their advice and ACT upon it. PUSH.

Robin J. Elliott

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Your Mind is a Money Magician

They run from opportunity to opportunity, meeting to meeting, book to book, seminar to seminar, scheme to scam and back again - always looking for a way to get rich with no work or commitment - instant money - quick fix - magic bullet. They spend a fortune on information they never apply, or apply for a week before they quit to run after the next best thing, the newest deal, the brighter package, the more colorful balloon, like kids in a candy factory, until they vomit and go home looking green, but no green miraculously appears in their bank accounts.

The fact is, a winning mind can take a mediocre, failing business in the wrong area with bad employees and overwhelming debt, and turn it into a million dollar dream, while a losing mindset will take a beautiful opportunity in a perfect market, and fail miserably. It has little to do with the opportunity, the market, the product, the support, the service or the time of year, and everything to do with your mind. When your thinking, mindset, attitude and perception is properly aligned, your mind becomes a money magician, a money machine, a money maker - a DollarMaker. When your wonderful Reticular Activating System is correctly used, and your subconscious mind properly conditioned, you simply can't fail to get rich.

Now if that sounds too good to be true to the average cynic, if your skepticism simply won't allow you to accept that statement, let's consider this: If we put Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates in a new city, with no money, reputation, database, connections, credentials, reputation, or credibility, how long would it take each of them to get rich all over again? Not long, because their minds are so programed, honed, skilled, and trained, that they wouldn't be able to help but get rich. It's not where you are; it's WHO you are. It's not the circumstances you find yourself in - it's how you interpret them and what you do with them.

Now I know you'll say, "But, Robin, even if I had the right mindset, I would still have toi take action, right?" Yes. Here's the truth: People who do not take action that will make them rich do not have a wealth mindset. People who really understand wealth BELIEVE they will get wealthy, so they take action. If you believed there was a million dollars waiting for you at the bottom of a barrel filled with rotten food, dead cats, and manure, you would dive in and get it. If you didn't believe the million dollars was there, you would procrastinate, make excuses, and whine. The only reason people don't show up and take massive action is that they don't understand or believe. Their minds are not Money Machines - they are Manure Machines that produce mediocrity, failure, compromise, and defeat. They are not Mental Warriors - they're Mental Worriers. They are not Prophets of Profit - they're Prophets of Problems.

How do we achieve this miraculous Money Mindset? How do we turn our minds into dynamic DollarMakers? We always live up to the expectations we have of ourselves, so we need to change those expectations. We achieve what we believe, so we need to change our beliefs if we want to change our bank balances. We need to move from fear to faith, from a scarcity mentality to a prosperity awareness. How do we make these mental adjustments? I gave you a clue earlier in this article: If you thought the same way that Bill Gates thinks, would you make better choices and get better results? You better believe it. You would do what he does and get what he gets. If you interpreted things the way Warren Buffet does, would you make more money? Of course. Input equals output, so we need to think like successful people if we want the same results. We will follow in their footsteps to lives of fortune and fun.

Here's how to program your mind for guaranteed success: Think like a rich person. Your mind will turn opposition into opportunities, detours into dollars, challenges in chattel, mediocrity into magic wealth. Every action begets results. If you want different results, you have to do different things. To do different things, you have to make different decisions, and to do that you need to see things and interpret things differently. That's the key. To think differently. You are one quality decision away from anything you want, Jim Stovall tells us, and he's right. How? Actually, it's quite simple.

When I read a book written by a successful person, I am in fact thinking his thoughts! The more I think the thoughts of a winner, the more I BECOME a winner. You are what you think. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. The winner thinks a thought and writes it in his book. You read the book, so you read his words, which means you literally think his thoughts, if you'll excuse the pun. While you read this, you're thinking MY thoughts - scary, isn't it? When I got into business, I listened to the words (thoughts) of Paul J. Meyer, over and over again, from audio cassettes, and I read his writing (thoughts) over and over again. In addition, I immersed myself in the thoughts of Earl Nightingale, Tom Hopkins, Napoleon Hill - every winner I could find - and I still do.

To turn your mind into an automated, programed DollarMaker, read my book, "How to Retire in One Year." Listen to the audios on my website. Read my Blog. Watch the videos on - attend our conference calls and Bootcamps, and MIX WITH SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ONLY. Do not read books by losers, spend time with losers, or talk with losers, or you will become a loser. I was talking with some friends recently. Not one of us had any friends who smoked. There's a clue there. Mix with winners ONLY. Control your input, and you will control your output. When is it enough input? When you have achieved all your goals.

Here's the good news. The more your mind becomes a Money Magician, the more difficult it will become for you to tolerate losers or read rubbish. Success becomes automatic. How soon do you want success? Massive sowing and input gets faster results - it depends how badly you want success. If you want to retire in a year or less, my book even contains a complete goal setting system, to guide you to your goal! It doesn't get easier than that. It will reveal all the resources you need. It's the Money Mind Manual, the Blue Chip Bible, the Wealth Workbook, the Swiss Army Knife to Success.

Welcome to your exciting future.

Robin J. Elliott

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Sacrifice Your Spectacular Future forYour Spoiled Past!

The past is not equal to the future. The only thing you can control in life is your reaction to your circumstances and opportunities, and when you control your reaction to and interpretation of your circumstances in a positive way, you can create any future you want. You can go through life looking through the rear-0view mirror at your past, or you can start creating a wonderful future - and the future starts RIGHT NOW. Isn't that exciting?

You can let the sad past pull you down, disempower you, discourage you and distract you, or you can create an exciting goal for your future and allow that positive objective to pull you through any temporary detour along the way. Remember, no-one can do it for you, and no-one can do it to you. YOU are the creator of your life, and you are responsible for the life you have, as well as the life you're going to have. You can live in regret about the past or enthusiasm about the future - you decide what you want to focus ion. The past is dead, and there's nothing you can do about it, but the future is whatever you decide to make of it! The future is your BEST FRIEND.

So don't allow past hurts and disappointments to pull you back and slow you down. Turn your back on the past, face the future boldly and optimistically, and determine that you won't quit until you make all your dreams come true. It's never too late to start over, and every new day is a new birth of your own, personal future. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with persistence, enthusiasm, a positive outlook, hard work, and good friends. Most of all, you need a very clear picture of your goals. The clearer and more vividly you can visualize exactly what you want your life to look like, the sooner and the more likely it will become a reality. Paul J. Meyer said, "Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass." Forget about the past - it's dead. Create the future you want.

Robion J. Elliott

Success Lesson in the Snow

Hiking in pristine conditions on Mount Seymour, British Columbia, last weekend, I learned an important lesson. The sun was shining, deep, virgin snow glittering like a million diamonds, incredible views across the ocean. Jonathan Marks was walking with me, and we were discussing risk tolerance. He is an astute, seasoned businessman, and I always enjoy chatting with him. He has lived in South Africa, New Zealand, and now Canada, and has succeeded in numerous businesses. I asked him if I could use his concept and he kindly agreed.

Here's what Jonathan taught me. The context was buying residential properties and having tenants rent them to pay down the mortgage. This is a risky business, since tenants are protected by the socialist laws and often rip the owners off, don't pay, damage the homes, etc. He said, let's assume that statistically, 50% of tenants are very good - they pay, they stay, and they look after the property. the other 50% are the "Tenants from Hell" - they don't pay , they don't stay, and they damage the property. How can we use this scary, imaginary statistic to understand how we can reduce risk over time?

Suppose you get twenty tenants in twenty properties. Ten are good, ten at bad (50%). So you get rid of the ten bad ones and replace them with ten new ones. Now, according to our hypothetical statistic, 50% of these new tenants will be great, and the other five will be bad. So you get rid of five. You now have 15 great tenants! So you get five new ones. Half of them will be great, half will be bad. So you kick the bad ones out and replace them... As you can see, over time, you clean out the muck and keep the good tenants, until all your twenty tenants are great.

This objective understanding can be applied to any business situation, particularly when it comes to employees, team members, and Joint Venture partners. If you build a sales team and half of them are losers, keep on replacing the scavengers and parasites with new people until you have the dream team. Most people quit so easily, it's scary. They try one or two Joint Ventures, they don't work, so they run home crying to their mommies. They join a business and within two months they're whining that it doesn't work. Weak, stupid, lazy, and dishonest people never succeed. Someone once questioned why I "couldn't keep" my sales team members. I don't keep parasites on my team. I told them, "I will keep replacing losers until I end up with a team of winners." It's a selection process. Some will, some won't - so what? NEXT!

In Network Marketing, the same applies. Most don't, some won't, other's can't, no problem. Keep on recruiting and focus on the five percent that will be champions and make you rich, no matter how long it takes - just keep on keeping on UNTIL. Not "IF", but UNTIL. WHEN. Offer people a good chance, give them the benefit of the doubt, allow them to try to prove themselves, and don't take it personally when they can't cut the mustard - just remove and replace. It's a simple sorting process.Persistence and consistence always wins the day - the tortoise and the hare.

Success is by design, not by chance, and the ability to persists over time is the key to real success.

Robin J. Elliott

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Best Book I Ever Read

"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand

This book certainly changed my life, and I adopted the philosophy of Objectivism while reading it. It paid off. I suggest everyone reads it. It will also explain why many people are no longer in my life; simply put, Atlas shrugged.
Alan Greenspan said of this book: “'Atlas Shrugged' is a celebration of life and happiness. Justice is unrelenting. Creative individuals and undeviating purpose and rationality achieve joy and fulfillment. Parasites who persistently avoid either purpose or reason perish as they should.” One of the most influential business books ever written is a 1,200-page novel published 50 years ago, on Oct. 12, 1957. It is still drawing readers.

David Veksler writes:“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”
Thus, the hero of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged chooses sides in an epic struggle for man’s soul – not in heaven, but on earth. The central plot of Atlas Shrugged is a mystery story: as Dagny Taggard, a successful railroad executive, watches the entrepreneurs and inventors of her society disappear one by one, she seeks to discover the source of the scourge that is destroying her world. She witnesses the consequences of the ethics of altruism and collectivism as her society descends into socialism, productive men are turned into slaves, and mooching beggars into her masters.
Throughout the novel, Ayn Rand presents clear examples of her philosophy in action through strong heroes and treacherous villains who demonstrate the importance of philosophy and the consequences of moral and immoral lives. Her characters ask and answer numerous important questions such as “Is reality independent of our minds or is it shaped by them? What is the result of basing our actions on emotions and what happens when we base them on reason? Why are so many successful individuals hated for their success? Should love be free or must it be earned? What is the proper role of government?” However, the most influential question Atlas Shrugged answered for me was “what kind of life must a man lead to achieve a state of guiltless happiness?”
The influence of Atlas Shrugged on my life has been so profound that I am still learning new applications of the philosophy Ayn Rand presented every day. This book is for everyone who has ever questioned the ethics of altruism and asked “what is the purpose of my life?”

If every teenager was to read this book, and then reread it in adulthood, the world would be a far better place to live in, and parasites, collectivists, and witchdoctors would not be in the powerful positions they currently hold. But for now, my message to true producers and creators is, "Don't hesitate, when appropriate, to shrug."

Robin J. Elliott

Friday, February 15, 2008

"Are You Denying Yourself Prosperity?"

There are people who believe so sincerely in their own failure, who wallow so successfully in guilt and self-pity, and who love so dearly the idea of being able to leech off successful people, that they purposefully and consciously refuse to prosper. They are determined to be liars and losers and to blame the world, their parents, and their neighbors for their misery. These people are to be avoided like the plague. They refuse to be helped and they will be a drain on your patience and eventually on your ammunition box when you put them out of their misery and save the world some valuable time and energy.

These are the pitiful types who refuse to take responsibility for thier own lives and therefore refuse any opportunity to better themselves. Whatever option you offer them to make money and succeed, they will attack, and the rest of their flock will support their self-defeating decision to the hilt. They are pefect examples of the Self-fulfilling prophecy. They are pessimists extraordinaire, but they do it with a smile (and a hug, if you let them). When you associate yourself with these parasites, you are setting yourself up for a financial haemorage. You will be thrown off course and find yourself majoring in minors, losing your belief and enthusiasm, and focusing on what you don't want.

You will deny yourself prosperity and success when you partner with these sheeple. Do not accept them as clients, associates, downline, upline, or sideline. Don't mix with them or their friends. Rather wander alone than with a loser. Protect your mind from the insidious poison of these dangerous deadbeats, these fungal freeloaders. Judge them by the company they keep, by all means. People who hang around with bloodsuckers are seldom billionaires. So next time you meet one of these poisonous pathogens, turn tail and run for the hills. Your bank account and sanity can't afford them. You don't deserve them, and they certainly don't deserve you.

Rather have five good, productive, creative, inspiring, honest, responsible friends that a host of incompetents and wanna-be's. Talk to three good people and be inspired, rather than be exasperated by a lot of nonstarters. Don't deny yourself the good life by deliberately poisoning the well. Find the 3% and reject the 97%.

Robin J. Elliott

Book Review

“The Ancestor’s Tale” by Richard Dawkins

In business, we see that the law of sowing and reaping is always at work. For an intellectual recharge, as well as the peace of mind that comes from seeing that your capitalist philosophy is based on real science, the analogy being evolution, I highly recommend this wonderful book by one of the greatest minds of our time.

From From

Just as we trace our personal family trees from parents to grandparents and so on back in time, so in The Ancestor's Tale Richard Dawkins traces the ancestry of life. As he is at pains to point out, this is very much our human tale, our ancestry. Surprisingly, it is one that many otherwise literate people are largely unaware of. Hopefully Dawkins's name and well deserved reputation as a best selling writer will introduce them to this wonderful saga. The Ancestor's Tale takes us from our immediate human ancestors back through what he calls ‘concestors,’ those shared with the apes, monkeys and other mammals and other vertebrates and beyond to the dim and distant microbial beginnings of life some 4 billion years ago. It is a remarkable story which is still very much in the process of being uncovered. And, of course from a scientist of Dawkins stature and reputation we get an insider's knowledge of the most up-to-date science and many of those involved in the research. And, as we have come to expect of Dawkins, it is told with a passionate commitment to scientific veracity and a nose for a good story.

Dawkins's knowledge of the vast and wonderful sweep of life's diversity is admirable. Not only does it encompass the most interesting living representatives of so many groups of organisms but also the important and informative fossil ones, many of which have only been found in recent years. Dawkins sees his journey with its reverse chronology as ‘cast in the form of an epic pilgrimage from the present to the past [and] all roads lead to the origin of life.’ It is, to my mind, a sensible and perfectly acceptable approach although some might complain about going against the grain of evolution. The great benefit for the general reader is that it begins with the more familiar present and the animals nearest and dearest to us—our immediate human ancestors. And then it delves back into the more remote and less familiar past with its droves of lesser known and extinct fossil forms. The whole pilgrimage is divided into 40 tales, each based around a group of organisms and discusses their role in the overall story.

Genetic, morphological and fossil evidence is all taken into account and illustrated with a wealth of photos and drawings of living and fossils forms, evolutionary and distributional charts and maps through time, providing a visual compliment and complement to the text. The design also allows Dawkins to make numerous running comments and characteristic asides. There are also numerous references and a good index.-- Douglas Palmer


Dear Robin,
I wanted to thank you for your efforts on behalf of all Dollarmaker members. I would like to tell you of one circumstance whereby the information you provided saved my family up front costs of $125,000, provided us with an income of $50,000/year, and passive income from the business of $30,000/year. More importantly, the income from this medical facility has allowed me to stop being on-call on nights and weekends, and to spend more time with my family, other businesses, and our passion for helping parents help their own children. The patients, my partners, and my family are all delighted.
I am a Respiratory Specialist Physician and based on patient need was going to set up a medical laboratory in my field. My family was going to put out the upfront capital and was going to pay for a location, advertising, and operational costs for this business along with dealing with the uncertainty as to whether our facility was going to be a preferred provider compared to other services available. My wife attended one of your Bootcamps 101 alone as I was at work and she purchased your workbook. I read the material that very night and decided to make some big changes to my proposal.
In exchange for profit which I was going to have to share anyway, I negotiated that since I had intellectual capital, qualification, and a track record of being able to set up this facility, that the other partners should put up the money and that I should be paid a consultation fee. In return, the patients of the partners would have first access (a tremendous advantage in the setting of limited resources) and the partners would have equity share. They agreed and this led to the current agreement and the results listed above.
The power of a different way of thinking, information, and action are incredible. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Kumar Ramlall, BSc,MD,FRCPC,FAAP,FCCP,(Ped. Resp) Feb 13, 2008

Another Testimonial:

"Robin Elliott's teaching has changed the way I do business. I used to think building a business was risky and expensive. Robin showed me how to build my business using no money and no risk; just some time . Not only did I get to meet some winners by going to the boot camp, Robin has continued to take an interest in my success often taking time to respond to my queries. By adding just 1 of his strategies to my experience, IN MY EXISTING BUSINESS, I make an additional $5000 per month. It's not completely work free; I still put in about 8 hours per month maintaining it. Not everything I have tried has worked, and a couple have outright failed; but in spite of that within 7 months of attending his boot camp I was financially free. The point is that besides the initial cost of the boot camp there was no risk whatsoever. I highly recommend anyone looking to take the risk out of business and increase your profits attend this next boot camp. I'll be there!" ~ Patrick Giesbrecht, Abbotsford, BC October, 2007

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