Saturday, March 04, 2006

Retire Faster, Retire SOON.

After absorbing “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and other books by the amazing Robert Kiyosak and working with many “Business Owners” I realized that most of us are unaware of the requirements for retirement. We tend to fall for the lie that we have to invest a fortune with various characters, usually in the form of “investments” or the purchase of businesses, and get into massive debt, in order to have the hope of retiring one day. Here’s a simple question: If the genius offering you the solution to retirement is steeped in debt and working as a salesperson, what right does he or she have to tell YOU about retirement?
Here’s a very simple formula for retirement: Create increasing, passive / residual income that exceeds the amount you require to live comfortably each month. That doesn’t mean you’re out there selling stuff all day. It doesn’t mean that you need a fortune just to break even every month. Or that if you stop working, you go bankrupt. It doesn’t mean that you lose your savings if your business fails or the stock market crashes. It means you are very secure. It means you have multiple streams of passive income, from different sources / industries, low income requirements and minimal, if any, debt.
Every business should have an exit strategy. We need a specific action plan that will take us where we want to go. If you’re selling time, you’re at risk. If you’re depending on one income source, you’re at risk. If you think that things don’t change or that that the economy doesn’t change, you’re at risk. If all your income is through your business, you’re at risk. All your eggs are in one basket. If you focus on duplication, leverage and diversification, if you reduce risk and overhead while increasing income, you’re on track. And most of all, remember this: It’s not about income – it’s about net, after tax, profit. It’s about the bottom line, not ego.
How long does it take to retire? As long as it takes you to create increasing, passive / residual income from different sources that exceeds the amount you require to live comfortably each month. And of course you want to minimize tax and create a comfortable, growing, financial cushion. You don’t have to accumulate massive savings. (And when you’re asked to invest, ask the salesperson to prove how much they have invested in the same venture.) There are some excellent investment opportunities out there, but they are few and far between. I know of very few.
The system I use is Joint Ventures. Have done for 19 years. I leverage existing resources and hidden assets. I don’t have to own a business to make money from that business, and all my income from JV’s is 100% profit. I carry no risk, leases, licenses, overhead or employees or inventory – I don’t have to – someone else insists on doing that. I can work internationally with no cost or risk. So can you. When you fly to another city, do you buy a jet and learn how to fly it? You can just rent a seat. Joint Ventures is my system of choice. More info? Click here

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Robin J. Elliott